Hi, my name is Todd Jackson, on behalf of Jackson Auto Sales, I would like to welcome you to our website. JAS is owned and operated by myself and my wife, Candy. We are a very small independent business that is dedicated to serving you and your family the best way we can to provide you the transportation you need. I have personally been in the automotive business in some way, shape or form all of my life. Most of it being on the mechanical and parts end having owned and operated my own domestic repair shop as well as a high performance speed shop where we sold high performance parts as well as built and maintained high performance street cars and drag race cars. I became a dealer in 1991 in Kinston, NC and remained there until relocating to Wilmington in 2011. Candy has had an extensive career in law enforcement and criminal justice until we decided we wanted to do something together that we could both enjoy.

The used car business is both scary and intimidating to most who do not understand the ins and outs of buying and selling (at this point, I don't think anyone really does). Realizing this, we do our best to make your car buying experience a pleasant one. We capitalize on not being "pushy" car salesmen and we let our cars sell themselves. I've seen a lot of business tactics evolve over my career in all areas including the car business that I simply do not approve of. One of which is called a "doc" fee. While perfectly legal it is usually an extra charge thrown in at the last minute for a dealer to make extra money on the back end of a sale. Most can justify it. I simply can't. Never have , never will. Aside from the required sales tax and plate/registration fees, when we make a deal on the lot, the price of the car is the price of the car PERIOD!

Please feel free to stop by if nothing else just to say hello. Candy and I will be happy to help out any way we can and once again thanks for checking us out!

Location: Jackson Auto Sales
2031 Highway 258 South
Kinston, NC 28504
Phone #: 252-686-5466
Or: 910-821-8547
Email: Email us at cj38648@yahoo.com
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